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Sunday, 24 September 2017

globalisation poetry

we were tasked to write different styles of poetry that related to globalisation

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

W.A.L.T: write a story with an act of kindness

The lonely little girl in the winter woods

There once was a place called the winter woods. In the winter woods there were all narrow  trees stretching out to the sky and were coated with specks of snow. The pure white blanket of snow filled the land and only left the narrow rocky path remaining. There also stood a cold, timber bench surrounded by the frosty snow. And the green leaves crumbled into pieces like pie.

Surrounded by the frosty trees sat a lonely little girl called Olivia. This poor little girl hugged her warm puffy clothes and rocked herself. Cold mist blew out from her pink numbed lips and the wind blew her messy strawberry blonde hair that was tucked in her  maroon  woven beanie. Olivia had hazel eyes that reflected in the blazing snow.

Gradually the sky grew darker and darker and small spits of water fell down from the sky. The small girl looked up the gloomy sky and a small stream of tears ran from her hazel brown eyes. Quickly, Olivia ran to find some shelter and sat down and covered her face with her pale cold hands. She slowly wiped her eyes and tucked herself inside her aqua, puffed jacket and sat alone.

In the distance there was a small little emperor penguin waddling alone. The penguin glared down at his two little orange feet brushing through the icy snow. Eventually he looked up. In the clearing he saw a small little fort in the distance. He waddled over to observe the little shelter. He went inside to observe. As he looked straight ahead he saw the lonely little girl sitting wistfully. The penguin waddled up the little girl. Her face was tucked in her legs. Olivia looked up in shock, there stood standing right in front of her two little shoes was a penguin. The penguin brushed his fuzzy hands on the girls aqua blue puffy jacket and squealed at her. Olivia stretched up on her two feet and trudged outside as the little penguin waddled behind.

A few days passed and Olivia realized she wasn’t actually all alone after all. Beside her sat the little penguin. From that day on the penguin would always come over and comfort little Olivia.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Teacher poem

We were tasked to write poems about our teachers in Halsey Drive.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Goldilocks twist

Once upon a time there were three bears, who lived together in a house of their own in a wood.

A short blonde haired girl named goldilocks walked through the steep, narrow, rocky path that led into the deep, dark woods. The woodland’s towering trees surrounded her. The trees bunched up and did not let a peek of light shine through.

Goldilocks swayed her black dress from side to side and skipped through the woods crunching leaves beneath her feet. She had black lace and frills hanging down the end of her dress. Goldilocks glared at up and there was a cottage  in the distance. The antique cottage looked isolated and very cramped. The towering trees leant over the cottage as if trying to shield it from outsiders. Overgrown plants guarded the entrance.

Goldilocks skipped along the rocky path and arrived at the cottage. She went up to a maroon arched door. Goldilocks heard nothing but silence so she slowly opened the door and peered inside. Her dark burnt coffee eyes opened wide. She looked on in amazement.

Goldilocks went inside the cottage and strode straight to the kitchen as she was a little hungry. Goldilocks greedily devoured a bowl of porridge (She had tried two other bowls but one was too hot and one was ice cold)

Goldilocks then thought she would go rest in the lounge. She struggled to get comfortable as one chair was too hard and the other was so soft that she sunk into it as though the chair was made of quicksand. Reclining comfortably in the last chair she tried, Goldilocks glared at the brand new flat screen TV.  

Goldilocks felt drained so she strolled upstairs to the bedrooms. She peeked through the room and then tiptoed onto the bed trying to get comfortable. Goldilocks laid down  comfortably on the last  bed and slept.

Three bristly bear’s walked through their garden. Hearing the sounds of footsteps coming, Goldilocks quickly ran to the nearest window and plunged down the side of the house.
The bears entered in the house and in anger. “Someone had our porridge!” yelled baby bear. “Well I think we should call the police!” demanded Mama bear. When the police arrived they investigated thoroughly checking all cupboards and corners. The police found an empty bowl of porridge, prints on the seats, the bedding all messed up and a long blonde hair strand remaining by the side of an open window.

This made the police more suspicious. “ I think this sounds like the work of Goldilocks” said the police “let’s bring her in for questioning”.

“Bang” The judge hit the table with his gavel.  “We are here today because Goldilocks has been accused of breaking into a house. Now tell me if this strand of hair that was at the window matches Goldilocks? questioned the judge. In court Goldilocks stood sadly in between two policemen guarding her. Goldilocks’ face went pale and she sunk. “Well yes of course” said the police. “Well I have made my decision. Goldilocks you are sentenced to prison for 10 years”

Now as you will probably have learnt from this story you should never break into strangers houses or you will end up like Goldilocks in prison.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Show not tell

Found in her messy, cluttered environment. Papers fill the pitch black cave with a window full of morning  light. The scent of English tea wafts in the air. Her diet consists exclusively of cottage cheese.  She roams freely among the short trees wondering around.  This mystical mammal has towering legs that touch the ground lightly. She has yellow fur on her head and stays warm cloaked in colourful garments. Confidently she speaks with a weird accent. With a loud voice she demands others.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

where am i

It was another busy night in the  restaurant. We were fully booked because it was the christmas season. Today the cooks were in business . I was reported to cook a nice appetizing meal for table 22 as they have ordered steak, hot chips and chicken soup. I brushed my hands against the kitchen bench and turned on the stove. I placed a pan on top and drizzled the oil to make the pan sizzle. I carefully placed the steak on the pan and let the steak do its job and cook.

Suddenly I heard the the kitchen door swing wide open I turned over to observe and turned back. I look beside me and I woke up in shock there stood a little orange, dark brown, hairy man holding the kitchen bench. His  large brown eyes glared deeply at the flames rise up and and burn the bottom of the pan. I was fascinated to see what I saw. The hairy beastling went of and explored around the kitchen and on his way out to explore the amazing world.